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M-13-13 Milestone 14 - February 28th 2017

OMB Review In Progress: OMB is currently reviewing the agency for this milestone. This review status indicator will change once the review is complete.

Leading Indicators

These indicators are reviewed by the Office of Management and Budget

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Reviewer Bryant Renaud
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Assessment Summary

Other: Searching EPA on data.gov for EDI pulls two different EDIs. Possible to consolidate? https://catalog.data.gov/organization/epa-gov?q=enterprise+data+inventory&;sort=none

Significant amount of download links are HTML.

EPA links that appear broken are, for the most part, a function of an HTTP head request error with some ESRI hosted datasets.

Inventory Composition

Public Dataset Status

Dataset Link Quality

Status Indicator Automated Metrics
Overall Progress this Milestone
Inventory Updated this Quarter
2310 Number of Datasets
1655 Number of APIs
1 Bureaus represented
100.0% Percentage of bureaus represented
19 Programs represented
15.6% Percentage of programs represented
2251 Number of public datasets
4 Number of restricted public datasets
55 Number of non-public datasets
5.7% Percentage growth in records since last quarter
To a great extent (50-75%) To what extent is your agency’s Enterprise Data Inventory (EDI) complete?
What steps have you taken to ensure your Enterprise Data Inventory is complete
Agency provides a public Enterprise Data Inventory on Data.gov
Agency provided updated Enterprise Data Inventory to OMB
100% License specified Crawl details
Number of datasets with redactions
Percent of datasets with redactions
Status Indicator Automated Metrics
Overall Progress this Milestone
2310 Number of Datasets Crawl details
24 Number of Collections Crawl details
2080 Number of datasets not contained in a collection Crawl details
2010 Number of Public Datasets with File Downloads Crawl details
1655 Number of APIs Crawl details
1604 Number of public APIs Crawl details
Number of restricted public APIs Crawl details
51 Number of non-public APIs Crawl details
3773 Total number of access and download links Crawl details
Quality Check: Links are sufficiently working Crawl details
996 Quality Check: Accessible links Crawl details
1615 Quality Check: Redirected links Crawl details
16 Quality Check: Error links Crawl details
960 Quality Check: Broken links Crawl details
3.2% Quality Check: Percentage of download links in correct format as specified in metadata Crawl details
28.7% Quality Check: Percentage of download links in HTML Crawl details
2.1% Quality Check: Percentage of download links in PDF Crawl details
5.7% Percentage growth in records since last quarter
100% Valid Metadata Crawl details
/data exists Crawl details
Provides datasets in human-readable form on /data
/data.json Crawl details
Harvested by data.gov
2251 Number of public datasets Crawl details
4 Number of restricted public datasets Crawl details
55 Number of non-public datasets Crawl details
5.6% Percent growth of public datasets
0.0% Percent growth of restricted public datasets
10.0% Percent growth of non-public datasets
Percent datasets licensed as U.S. Public Domain
Percent datasets licensed as Creative Commons Zero
Percent datasets with other licenses
Percent datasets with no license
Status Indicator Automated Metrics
Overall Progress this Milestone
Description of feedback mechanism delivered Crawl details
Data release is prioritized through public engagement
Provided narrative evidence of data improvements based on public feedback this quarter
Feedback loop is closed, 2 way communication
See below Link to or description of Feedback Mechanism
Provides valid contact point information for all datasets
Status Indicator Automated Metrics
Overall Progress this Milestone
Data Publication Process Delivered Crawl details
Information that should not to be made public is documented with agency's OGC
See below Describe the agency's data publication process
EPA has a number of policies and procedures concerning the publication of Agency data. The Enterprise Information Management Policy requires all EPA Organization officials, employees, and individuals or non-EPA organizations, if applicable, to ensure information is cataloged and or labeled with metadata. This includes geographic references, as appropriate, in EPA and Federal-wide registries, repositories or other information systems. The EPA GeoPlatform Publishing Workflow Standard Operating Procedure and the EPA Environmental Dataset Gateway (EDG) Governance Structure and Standard Operating Procedure outline the details of EPA data publishing.
Status Indicator Automated Metrics
Overall Progress this Milestone
Greene.Ana@epa.gov Open Data Primary Point of Contact
POCs identified for required responsibilities
Chief Data Officer (if applicable)
Status Indicator Automated Metrics
Overall Progress this Milestone
Provided narrative evidence of open data impacts for this quarter
Digital Analytics Program on /data
Views on data.gov for this quarter
Percentage growth in views on data.gov for this quarter
Views on agency /data page for this quarter

Automated Metrics

These metrics are generated by an automated analysis that runs every 24 hours until the end of the quarter at which point they become a historical snapshot

Expected Data.json URL http://www.epa.gov/data.json (From USA.gov Directory)
Resolved Data.json URL https://edg.epa.gov/data.json
Number of Redirects 3 redirects
HTTP Status 200
Content Type application/json
Valid JSON Valid
Datasets with Valid Metadata 100%(2310 of 2310)
Valid Schema Valid
Datasets 2310
Number of Collections 24
Number of datasets not in a collection 2080
Datasets with Distribution URLs 87.0% (2010 of 2310)
Datasets with Download URLs 79.6% (1839 of 2310)
Total Distribution URLs 3773
Total Download URLs 2118
Total APIs 1655
Public APIs 1604
Restricted Public APIs 0
Non-public APIs 51
Public Datasets 2251
Restricted Public Datasets 4
Non-public Datasets 55
Bureaus Represented 1
Programs Represented 19
License Specified 100% (2310 of 2310)
Datasets with Redactions 0.0% (0 of 2310)
Redactions without explanation (rights field) 0.0% (0 of 2310)
File Size 6.88MB
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